Supporting Our Interns

The O’Grady Residency in Psychology offers interns a number of resources to support their success while at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.
Orientation provides interns with the skills and tools they need to adjust to working at Cincinnati Children’s and begin their training year. Intern orientation covers such topics as ethics, building rapport with children and families, and training in professional development skills. The interns have the opportunity to meet with supervisors prior to starting rotations in order to better understand rotation expectations, populations and types of referral concerns. The orientation process continues for the first several weeks of the internship through required courses for interns.
Each intern is matched with a psychologist professional development mentor based on interests and experience. Those who identify as diverse are paired with a diverse professional development mentor. Introductions occur during orientation week, and the advisor meets regularly with the intern across the residency year to provide support and be available to discuss professional development issues, questions and concerns.
A postdoctoral fellow meets regularly with the interns to candidly discuss their experiences, including potential concerns related to the internship program, supervision and career development. The fellow also works with interns to resolve training and curriculum concerns, if they arise. Typically this role is filled by a fellow who was previously an O'Grady resident. 
Interns meet weekly over lunch. This is a structured time for them to share their perceptions, experiences and develop supportive relationships with each other.
Interns meet with the Training Director Team bimonthly. These informal meetings provide a forum for open discussion about current training issues and concerns, and provide opportunities for mentoring and one-on-one support.

Interns are invited to a number of social events throughout the year. The Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Residency program offers many social events for all hospital residents including clubs, sports teams and community projects. These social outings provide psychology interns with an opportunity to form friendships, relax and have fun with their medical colleagues.

The Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology also sponsors several social events for psychology trainees including a welcome breakfast, O'Grady happy hour, resident bonding experience, and holiday party.