The Child Health Research Career Development Award (CHRCDA) Program is a K12 Program grant award. The CHRCDA program is supported by the National Institutes of Health and is designed to stimulate pediatric research over a variety of disciplines through training of productive physician scientists.

The CHRCDA program enhances the capacity of pediatric research institutions to provide junior faculty investigators with cutting-edge training in an academic research setting and to foster translational research by more rapidly applying basic science findings to clinical problems. In turn, these forward the goal of the CHRCDA program − to promote the performance of research and transfer of findings that will benefit the health of children.

Here at Cincinnati Children’s, established investigators including Margaret K. Hostetter, MD, and Louis J. Muglia, MD, PhD, have worked to develop a CHRCDA program of research and mentoring excellence. Qualified junior faculty investigators are welcome to apply for the CHRCDA.

CHRCDA Scholar Characteristics

We and our External Reviewer have been very pleased with the success of our previous and present CHRCDA Scholars. As of February 2018, the 51 former and current Scholars had been awarded over $388 million in direct grant funding (over $331 million in NIH and $57 million in non-NIH support) and 67 NIH R01 grants, had mainly academic appointments with many in strong leadership positions, and had published over 3,003 peer-reviewed publications.

Cumulative Scholar Data (1991 – February 2018)

Scholar Characteristics/Achievements  Number 
Total Number of Scholars   51
Women Scholars   16 (31%)
Minority Scholars   9 (17%)
Underrepresented Minority Scholars   4 (8%)
Number of Non-academic Medical   5 (9%)
Number of Assistant Professors   11 (21.5%)
Number of Associate Professors   15 (29%)
Number of Full Professors   20 (39%)
Number of Division/Department Chairs   14 (27%)
Number of R01 Award Recipients   23 (45%)
Cumulative Direct Grant Funding   $388,669,679
NIH   $331,389,484
     Non-NIH   $57,280,195
     Cumulative R01 Grants (Scholar as PI  67
Cumulative Peer-reviewed Publications   >3,003