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Patient and Family Engagement Community

Changing the outcome together …

Our patients and families are at the heart of everything we do here at Cincinnati Children’s. It’s your voice, passion and dedication that has allowed us – together – to make a positive impact in the lives of children here in our community and around the globe for more than 137 years.

That is why your participation in all that we do is so critical. Whether you share your story at events, serve as a patient/family voice on an advisory council or improvement project, participate in photo or video opportunities, lend your care experience to an online discussion – and more – your voice is valuable, and we’re grateful for your willingness to get involved!

Share Your Story

The Patient and Family Engagement Community is comprised of various groups throughout the medical center, allowing you ample opportunity to share your story and experience with others and make a positive impact.

Champions Program

The Champions Program is comprised of grateful patients and families who share their story with others and advocate for the medical center. Champions speak and represent Cincinnati Children’s at events, share their experience with others through print and electronic outlets, thank donors for their generosity, participate in photo and video opportunities, and much more.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils

The Patient and Family Advisory Councils have played an important role in the hospital’s decision-making process. By incorporating the thoughts, perspectives and opinions of patients and families into our decisions, we are able to enhance our ability to provide family-centered care.

The councils meet monthly from September to June to discuss pending decisions, initiatives and other hospital-wide concerns and provides input from the family perspective.

Research Participant Advisory Group

The Research Participant Advisory Group engages our Family Partners who participate in research in ways to improve how research is done at Cincinnati Children’s, ensuring that the participant voice is heard and part of the decision-making process in research.

Family Partners provide their perspective to research as part of individual improvement projects, research grants, and other specific projects, as well as on our Institutional Review Board or through our Research Participant Advisory Council.

The The Research Participant Advisory Council meets monthly from August to June to discuss research-focused initiatives, other hospital-wide research concerns and specific research studies, providing input from the family participant perspective.

What Our Families Are Saying

Hackworth family.

Rogelle Hackworth: “I choose to participate in the Cincinnati Children’s advisory groups, including research, because it provides an opportunity for me to give back to those who have greatly supported and cared for my children when they needed it most. It also allows me to make a long-term positive difference in the lives of those who seek care from Cincinnati Children’s. When I volunteer, I gain new perspective and a stronger connection to the hospital and the community. I get a tremendous amount of joy in being able to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.”

Carla Howard.

Carla Howard: “The Research Participant Advisory Council (RPAC) is a unique opportunity. It allows its members to have a voice in tough and engaging conversations that ultimately lead to the advancement of research. Being involved gives me the ability to help those who may not be in a position to help themselves. I'm personally committed to having a voice for my community and RPAC helps me do that. I use my voice and experiences to provide better care and access to the great things going on at Cincinnati Children’s. There were no therapeutic offerings like there are today when I was growing up, so to help develop new treatment options is invaluable. It's a voice that I don't take lightly.”

Philippe family.

Wynne Philippe: “Both of my girls are patients at Cincinnati Children’s, and we have been part of the Champions Program for about six years. We are so thankful for the unsurpassed care that we get at the medical center! The Champions Program gives us the opportunity to give back to the hospital which has done so much for us! Through the Champions Program, we have been able to help raise money for the hospital, express our thanks to medical workers and hospital donors, advocate for patient care, and help raise awareness about hospital programs. The Champions Program has also provided so many fun and special experiences for my girls, like throwing out the first pitch at a Cincinnati Reds game, a fun outing at Kings Island, photoshoots, painting parties, and even being part of a commercial!”

Anna Grace (8 years old): “The Champions program is awesome and super fun because you get to do lots of different cool things! I get to meet new friends. And I get to help Cincinnati Children’s help kids like me and my sister. Champions is the best!”

Fusinato family.

Amanda Fusinato: “I have been a part of the Family Advisory Council (FAC) for a little over three years and have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing staff members and families. Through the FAC I have been able to share my family’s journey and use our experiences to have an impact on current and future families care. It has been such a blessing to be involved in a group of staff and families who care so much for each other and feel so passionate about advocating and helping to provide the best possible care to the patients and families at Cincinnati Children’s.”

Tom Cappel.

Tom Cappel: “Being a member of the (Cincinnati Children's) Research Participant Advisory Council allows me to work with others in the Cincinnati area to help our hospital inform, educate and improve the research process in our community to increase participation of others.”

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