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In this issue of For the Children, we’re excited to give you a preview of our new Critical Care Building and share how this physical space will transform the care experience for our families.

In the spring of 2018, we launched our largest-ever expansion so we can better meet the needs of families relying on us.

Our new Critical Care Building (CCB) will add 225 state-of-the-art private rooms and transform services for our most fragile and complex patients, including those needing intensive care.

It’s because of your generosity, investment and vision that we are able to embark on this next chapter of providing unmatched care to those in our region, country and world.

Our artist, Annie, age 8, knows the halls of Cincinnati Children’s well. Since she was diagnosed with a recurrent respiratory condition in 2014, she has had 25 surgeries and is scheduled for her 26th.

Annie’s condition causes non-cancerous tumors to regularly grow on her voice box. Her surgeon uses lasers to remove them about every 8–10 weeks.

Her mother, Bonnie, says they are grateful for the compassion and care they receive from their Cincinnati Children’s team.

“She will be a life-long patient here,” Bonnie says. “We are just so grateful that we have them so close by, and with such a talented staff to treat our Annie.”

Your support plays a vital role in this project — helping us enhance and improve facilities, while continuing our commitment to research and care innovations.

Artist rendering of our new Critical Care Building.

Artist rendering of the new Critical Care Building.

A child's drawing of Cincinnati Children's.

A drawing by one of our patients, Annie, age 8.