Chevy entered my daughter Katie’s life when she needed him most.  

When we arrived in Cincinnati, she was in grave condition with relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma. Chevy, one of Cincinnati Children's facility dogs, sauntered into her room one evening wearing his signature bowtie, and Katie’s eyes began to light up. Her smile — the one we hadn’t seen in weeks — radiated.

Many of my memories of Cincinnati Children’s involve Chevy and Katie’s friendship — finding the outside playground on the fifth floor, the tricks she taught him, the notes “he sent” when she was having her proton radiation therapy. 

Sometimes, in life’s toughest moments, we just need a friend to be there with us. Chevy was that friend to Katie. He was there to celebrate good news with us. And when there was nothing more that could be done for my precious girl, Chevy was right by her side. Even on her last day.

Whenever I see pictures of Katie and Chevy together, I remember how special he was to her. When our community raised funds to honor my daughter, I knew we would support Chevy and the program that gave her a much needed friend. 

I’m so grateful for the furry friends at Cincinnati Children’s, who bring joy and put smiles back on kids’ faces. I’ve known the power of animals before but never thought how much Chevy would mean to Katie, and us. 

 - Sarah, grateful mom of Katie