Leadership Letter


Too many of us know a family who has been affected by a child’s mental illness. Whether it results in a daily struggle to fit in, poor performance at school, social isolation, self-harm or the tragedy of suicide, one thing is certain: Families in our community need help. 

Researchers have shown about half of mental health challenges can be prevented if they’re caught and addressed early. That’s why in addition to improving access and treatments, we’re focusing our talents and expertise to prevent childhood mental illness altogether.

Your generous support gives us hope for a brighter future!

In this issue of For the Children, you’ll learn about our pioneering research to predict who is most at risk of developing a mental illness. You’ll also read about how we’re partnering with donors to reimagine our mental health facilities and expand innovative programs to reach more children.

With your continued partnership, we will transform the way we support families struggling with mental and behavioral health issues—and improve the health and lives of children for generations to come.

Steve Davis, MD
President and CEO