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Auditory Function Evaluation

What is an Auditory Function Evaluation?

Auditory function means how a person hears and processes in hard listening situations every day. An auditory function evaluation can be done with children who have hearing loss or those who have a hard time tolerating sounds.

Tests for children with hearing loss

This test helps figure out how your child’s hearing loss impacts how they listen and speak. Diagnosing and treating hearing loss with the right amplification is the start of successful treatment. However, some children still have problems. An auditory function evaluation can help parents:

  • Better understand their child’s hearing loss.
  • Answer questions about their child’s school needs.
  • Decide which communication option is best for their child.
  • Determine if cochlear implants or hearing aids are helpful.

Tests for children with sound sensitivities

This test looks at how sound interrupts daily life. The tests help decide what can be done to make this better for your child. A child may need an auditory function evaluation if they have:

  • Ringing, buzzing, or humming in their ears.
  • Pain or ringing from loud sounds.
  • Anger when others chew, cough, or click pens.
  • Worry about certain noises.

Last Updated 09/2022

Who treats this.

The Division of Audiology at Cincinnati Children’s is one of the largest pediatric audiology programs in the nation. Early intervention and active collaboration with your family can change the outcome for your child with a hearing problem.

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