Genital Warts, After Laser Procedure

After Laser of Genital Warts

After laser treatment, you may experience:

  1. Mild cramping
  2. Light bleeding 
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Sometimes feeling sick (nausea)
  5. Pain (like a burn) in the area that was lasered

After Laser Procedure

  1. Rest on the day of surgery. Over the next two days, you may slowly increase activities until you feel back to normal. 
  2. Take pain medicine as prescribed by your doctor. 
  3. You can go back to work or school in one week or sooner, if you feel up to it. 
  4. Begin taking or keep taking any medicine that was prescribed before or after the surgery. 
  5. Call Gynecology at 513-636-9400 to make a follow-up appointment. Let them know that this is a "post-op" visit. Usually this visit will be within one to three weeks.

Caring for Lasered Area

  1. Keep area clean and dry.
  2. Use soothing cold compresses for the area as needed.
  3. Use numbing medicine as needed (such as lidocaine 2% jelly or ointment).
  4. Drink plenty of fluids to keep urine diluted.
  5. You should urinate within four hours of surgery.

Call Your Doctor If:

  1. Bright red bleeding
  2. Severe vomiting
  3. Fever more than 100.4 degrees
  4. Severe redness, pus or drainage from the area that was lasered
  5. Cannot urinate by six hours after procedure
  6. Severe pain not relieved by medicine

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For question or concerns, call Gynecology at 513-636-9400.

Last Updated 08/2018