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Hearing Aids

Watch a video about hearing aids that shows patients, family members and audiologists at Cincinnati Children's.

What Are Hearing Aids?

Cincinnati Children’s works with hearing aid companies that focus on pediatric hearing devices. When hearing aids are needed, we look at the type of hearing aid that is best for that child. Each hearing aid is picked and programmed to meet their needs. After picking a hearing aid, we make sure the device works well with the latest technology. We make sure your child’s hearing aid is comfortable and best fit to their age and hearing loss. Our main goal is to help your child hear voices and sounds that increase communication.

Cincinnati Children’s will repair hearing devices or help with problems at the following locations: Burnet Campus, 3430 Burnet, Liberty Campus, Northern Kentucky, Eastgate, Mason, Green Township and Centerville. Our audiologists can help with accessories that pair with hearing aids. This includes Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) systems and Bluetooth.

If our team and your family decide that hearing aids will help your child, we will guide you through the evaluation and fitting process.

Please know that a doctor’s order is needed by state law before getting and using hearing aids.

Appointment What to Expect
Hearing Aid Evaluation
  • Talk about different hearing aid technologies.
  • An assessment of your child's communication needs.
  • Recommendations based on your child's hearing test and listening needs.
Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Hearing aids programmed on a computer for your child’s hearing levels.
  • Hearing aids and earmolds fitted to your child’s ears.
  • Get instructions on how to use and care for the hearing aids.
  • Talk about tips to help your child succeed with their new hearing aids.
Hearing Aid Check
  • This type of appointment is scheduled after the fitting, and for routine monitoring.
  • An assessment of hearing aids and earmolds to make sure they are fitting and working well.
  • May include a hearing test to check your child’s hearing.
  • Testing in the booth with the hearing aids.
  • Adjustments to the hearing aids if needed.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Division of Audiology at Cincinnati Children’s at 513-636-4236.

Last Updated 04/2024

Reviewed By Jill Huizenga, Audiologist

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