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Hypospadias Repair

Last Updated 08/2022

What is Testosterone Treatment Prior to Hypospadias Repair?

Hypospadias is a common problem in which the opening of the penis is on the underside not the tip of the penis. You may have also been told your child has a penis that is not regular in size.

Surgical treatment of hypospadias can change the way the penis looks and works. This is desired by some patient/families after one or more visits with their doctor. No medicine will correct hypospadias. Your child will not outgrow this condition.

Testosterone Shots Prior to the Surgical Repair

Your son’s urologist may recommend testosterone shots prior to the surgical repair. Research has suggested that giving this medication before surgery will help to:

  • Increase penis width
  • Increase penis length
  • Increase the number of blood vessels.

This may lead to a larger penis, which may possibly improve the outcome of the surgery.

Testosterone is a medication that is given as a shot into the body. The testosterone may be ordered by your child’s doctor. Your physician will determine the dose given, and how many shots your child will receive.

Potential Side Effects and Reactions

As with any medication there can be some side effects that occur right after the injection, which will be monitored in the clinic:

  • Redness and swelling to injection site
  • Allergic reactions to testosterone can occur, but are uncommon. Please let your health care team know of any allergies to other drugs your child may have. You will be asked to remain in the clinic setting for at least 30 minutes after shot.

Uncommon reactions to testosterone that may be noticed after leaving the clinic area are:

  • Redness to the penis
  • Increased irritability in infants and aggressive behavior in older children
  • Increased incidence of erections
  • Growth of pubic hair (peach fuzz)

These effects only last till the medication is out of your body, which may last up to several weeks.

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