The underarm orthosis stabilizes and prevents the progression of a spinal deformity. The time frame the brace will need to be worn will be outlined by your child's physician.

Stage I

  • Apply the brace properly and wear it for two hours. Take it off and check the skin for redness and irritation. 
  • If the skin is red and sore, keep your child's brace off for a half hour, and then put it back on for two more hours. Once the irritation is resolved, put the brace on for another two hours. You, or whoever is helping with the brace, and your child must be able to judge when the skin can tolerate having the brace back on.
  • After two hours, remove the brace and check the skin again. Give skin care as directed below. Put the brace on again if the skin will tolerate it for two more hours.
  • After two hours, remove the brace and give skin care.

Stage II

If the brace was tolerated the first day, put the brace on after your child's morning bath. Remove it after four hours to check the skin and follow skin care instructions. If the skin will tolerate it, put the brace back on until suppertime. Remove it, check the skin and leave the brace off until bedtime. Put the brace back on at bedtime. It should be worn all night, without checking it, unless your child complains.

Stage III

When the brace can be worn as described in Stage II, it should be worn all day and all night except for one hour (usually before bedtime). Your child's skin should be checked and skin care instructions should be followed every four hours during the day, if possible, or three times a day: when you get up in the morning, at mid-afternoon (after school) and at bedtime. During the one hour out of the brace, exercises should be done.