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Vocal Cord Injection

What is a Vocal Cord Injection?

Vocal cord injection (also called injection medialization laryngoplasty) is a treatment for children with vocal cord paralysis (the vocal cords do not move) or dysphonia (weak or soft voice). A material is injected into one of the vocal cords to add bulk and bring the vocal cord closer to the center.

What Is the Purpose of Vocal Cord Injection?

Vocal cord injection helps improve:

  • Ability to make sounds or have a voice
  • Voice strength and loudness
  • Swallowing
  • Coughing


This surgery is done in the operating room and children receive general anesthesia. They are completely asleep during the surgery.

  • The surgery lasts one to two hours.
  • There are different products used to fill the vocal cord. Each product lasts for a certain amount of time. The ENT doctor decides the best product to use based on your child’s health issue.

Preparing for Procedure

Same-day surgery will call you two days before your child’s procedure to review what you need to do.

After the Test

  • Your child will stay in the hospital for one to two days so we can watch them closely.
  • We check your child’s level of pain every hour and give them medicines to keep them comfortable.
  • Your child will need to rest their voice for one day (no talking or singing). They can resume their normal activities after that time.
  • Your child can resume their regular diet after surgery.

Follow Up

  • We will check your child’s progress during their Voice Clinic visit.
  • Schedule this visit for two to four weeks after surgery.

When to Call the Doctor

Call your doctor if your child has:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Fever of 102° F or higher

Last Updated 08/2023

Reviewed By Cheryl S. Brumbaugh, ENT, APRN