Smaller body parts require differences in the way images are obtained. Different diseases require special imaging considerations. And while the MRI scanners for children are similar in size to those for adults, MRI exams should be performed differently for children. Without the proper adjustments, a pediatric disease might not be properly identified.

At Cincinnati Children’s, our MRI scanners have special equipment just for children. They are less intimidating, customized for kids, and ideal for imaging children. We also provide special goggles so your child can watch a favorite movie or listen to a favorite CD during their scan.

If you’d like to ‘walk’ your child through an MRI as practice before your appointment, you may want to download this helpful handbook (.pdf) for children having an MRI.

All radiology images are stored electronically in a state-of-the-art picture archiving system, which allows your physician to view your child's images any time from any facility at Cincinnati Children's.

Notification of MRI Results

A pediatric radiologist will view and interpret your child’s MRI scan. Your child’s primary care doctor will receive the results within 24 hours.

For more information about the pediatric radiology services offered at Cincinnati Children’s, please call 513-636-3200.