Kenwood physician practice to join Cincinnati Children’s

Dr. Camille Graham will help medical center expand primary care

Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Kenwood practice of pediatrician Camille Graham, MD, who has provided care for kids in the region for more than 40 years, will soon join Cincinnati Children’s.

Graham is a highly regarded physician who was president of the medical staff at Cincinnati Children’s from 2004-05 and a member of the Board of Trustees from 2006-11. She stepped down from the Cincinnati Children’s board to serve as the first executive community physician leader, which entailed being the principal liaison between the medical center and community pediatricians from 2011-19.

Now, as a Cincinnati Children’s primary care provider, Graham intends to continue to serve as the medical home for about 2,200 patients at the same location in Kenwood: 8250 Kenwood Crossing Way, Suite 205.

Graham’s practice will be called Cincinnati Children’s Kenwood Crossing Primary Care as of April 17, 2023. In addition to being a pediatrician, Graham is a certified lactation counselor.

“Aside from the name, many things will be the same for patients and their families,” Graham said. “I have a fantastic team of people who have been with the practice almost 30 years. The staff will be the same, the phone number will be the same, the fax number will be the same.”

Graham began the practice as a self-employed physician in 1983 and became affiliated with Mercy Health Physicians-Cincinnati in 2019. When the opportunity arose for her practice to become part of Cincinnati Children’s, she was enthusiastic about joining the medical center.

Welcoming Graham is part of a continuing effort by Cincinnati Children’s to expand and improve primary care for children across the region.

Evaline Alessandrini, MD, chief operating officer of Cincinnati Children’s, said Graham’s physician practice fits with the medical center’s mission to provide excellent, equitable, value-based care while helping to improve the health of all children.

“Dr. Graham has helped lead the way in providing exceptional care to kids in our region, and since 1983 she has been a role model, mentor and preceptor to at least 20 new doctors who served as residents at Cincinnati Children’s,” Alessandrini said. “Cincinnati Children’s is delighted that someone of Dr. Graham’s ability and accomplishments will help our medical center ensure that every child is on a path to reach their full potential. Dr. Graham and Cincinnati Children’s have had a collaborative and rewarding relationship for many years, and we will be even better together.”

Graham echoed that. “Having a stronger partnership with Cincinnati Children’s will benefit patient families because they will continue to have access to me and will now have even greater access to the resources of the medical center,” she said.

“A lot of my patients already go to Cincinnati Children’s for subspecialty care,” Graham said. “At least 25% of my patients have complex illnesses, which range from depression to congenital heart disease."

“We know that Cincinnati Children’s lives and breathes improvement,” Graham said. “There is a real commitment to improving child health – not just in the hospital, but also in the community – which is near and dear to my heart.”

Graham served a one-year internship at Cincinnati Children’s from 1977-78 and completed her residency as a new doctor there in 1980, when she was named the outstanding graduating resident. She received the Cincinnati Children’s Humanitarian Award in 1997 and the medical center’s Community Teaching Award in 1999.

She was president of the Cincinnati Medical Association from 1995-99, and Graham served on the Cincinnati Board of Health from 2011-14. Graham was named the Cincinnati Pediatric Society’s Community Physician of the Year in 2013.

After completing her residency at Cincinnati Children’s, Graham served for three years as a physician at the Lincoln Heights Health Center. That fulfilled her obligation under the terms of a U.S. Public Health Service scholarship, which enabled her to graduate from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1977 as class valedictorian. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1973.

Graham oversaw her own practice for more than a dozen years before incorporating with another practice and serving as president of Mid-City Pediatrics, beginning in 1996. She joined Mercy Health Physicians four years ago this month.

Cincinnati Children’s already offers primary care in Avondale, North Fairmount, Anderson, Fairfield, Florence, Alexandria, Southgate, Liberty, Mason, Springdale, Batesville and Greensburg as well as at three school-based health centers in Cincinnati.

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