Dedicated to Collaboration, Transparency and Improving Outcomes

We believe that involving your family in our care team will provide the best possible outcomes for your child. Through transparency, collaboration and a dedication to finding the best care approaches, we have become a world leader in pediatric medical care.

We collaborate with families on many levels, including in the development of evidence-based care recommendations . Evidence-based care recommendations are published as Evidence-Based Care Guidelines or Best Evidence Statements (BESts), and more than 100 care recommendations have been developed. These recommendations are focused on acute and chronic childhood conditions (such as asthma, gastroenteritis, pain management) as well as for care areas (family-centered care, patient safety)..  Anyone may browse these recommendations, which are listed by topic / condition, specialty / discipline, or type of guidance (disease management, intervention / therapy, nursing care).

To demonstrate our collaborative approach to care, we fully support transparency. We're willing to talk about the bad, as well as the good, and we readily share data on patient satisfaction and outcomes, helping your family be better involved in the care process.

> Quality Measures and Outcomes: Commitment to Improvement Permeates Our Organization