Parents often feel overwhelmed when they first hear their child has special health care needs. There are so many questions and knowing where to begin is confusing. The Special Needs Resource Directory can help.

Special Needs Overview

Finding Information and Resources

In this introductory section you'll find suggestions to help you get started and stay organized:

  • About: Find out why we created this directory, the topics that are contained within and the type of resources included.
  • Medical & Health Homes: Find information about the intent and creation of Medical and Health Homes.
  • Documents & Downloads: Find documents, lists and forms to help you organize and share important healthcare and support information.
Click on each of the categories on the left to find more specific topics. You can also use the search box on each page to type one or two important or significant words that describe the subject or resource you are trying to locate.

It is our experience that the information, resources and services needed by a patient or family may not always be specific to a particular condition or disease. This means that there is information on almost every one of the sections of this resource directory that may benefit you. We encourage you to take some time and checkout other topics besides the one that brought you here.