Life is full of transitions or passages from child-centered activities to adult-oriented activities. One of the more challenging times occurs when your child gets ready to leave high school and go out in the world as a young adult.

We provide resources to help you prepare for your child’s transition to work, school and the community:   

  • Transition Planning:  Find resources to help you plan ahead for life skills, independent living, community inclusion and the transition to adulthood.
  • Guardianship: At age 18, individuals are their own guardians, regardless of their mental or physical ability to assess and make decisions that affect their own financial and healthcare needs. If the disability interferes with the ability to make decisions, the caregiver may need to obtain guardianship.
  • Estate & Future Planning:  While it is difficult to look ahead, it is extremely important to plan now for the financial future of your child. Maintaining eligibility for state and federal government benefit programs beyond the age of 18 is an important part of utilizing resources for maximum support.
  • Employment & Day Programs:  We have information about local opportunities for employment and adult day programs, with a focus on training, placement and job development.