MyChart proxy access allows you to log into your personal MyChart account and view your child’s information.

Due to state and federal laws providing additional privacy rights for adolescents’ medical records, patients between 13 and 17 must sign an assent agreement granting permission for a parent to access their medical record. If a child 13 to 17 declines to sign the assent agreement, neither the patient nor the parent or primary caregiver can access the medical record using MyChart.

Parents and primary caregivers cannot have proxy access to a child’s record after he or she turns 18 unless:

  • They have proof of ongoing legal guardianship (as in cases of diminished capacity). Once proof of legal guardianship is provided and proxy access is granted, it will never again expire.
  • The adult patient completes the MyChart adult proxy access form to grant temporary proxy access to the parent or primary caregiver. Adult proxy access expires every 18 months and can only be renewed by the patient.