Schedule a Preoperative Tour

Cincinnati Children’s invites you to an important preoperative program to help you and your child prepare for surgery. Children are usually less frightened when they know what to expect. The program is most helpful for children 3 years old and older. A special tour for teens is also available. You and your child will:

  • Have your questions answered
  • Tour the preoperative area, operating room and recovery area
  • Learn what to expect on the day of the procedure
  • Learn about medical equipment, anesthesia and what it’s like to fall asleep for the operation

The preoperative tour program and parking are free.

Burnet Campus

For times and reservations, call 513-636-8298. If your child will require a stay in the intensive care unit, please tell the scheduler.

Liberty Campus

For times and reservations, call 513-803-9820.

Guide to Procedure

Download the guide to surgery to learn more about preparing for surgery at Cincinnati Children's.

For detailed information, download our booklet, For Patients and Families: A Procedure Guide