No visitors under age 18 allowed (unless you are the patient’s parent).

Inpatient visits:

  • 2 primary support people with 24/7 visitor access
  • 2 additional adult visitors who can see your child during visiting hours (8:30am–8:30pm)

Outpatient visits:

  • 2 primary support people

Inpatient Visits

You will be asked to list the names of your child’s two primary support people (inclusive of parents) and two additional adult visitors, who will be permitted to visit your child during their stay.

Primary support people may receive 24/7 visitor access. Additional adult visitors may see your child during visiting hours only, 8:30am–8:30pm.

If your family situation changes or you are having challenges receiving and providing support for your child, request Social Work assistance. When there are domestic/custody issues, social workers may work with families to ensure equitable visitation.

Additional family and friends can share their support virtually in a number of ways. Concierge Services can connect you with support services available throughout your visit, including resources to make a video call. Please contact Concierge Services at 513-636-5009 or toll-free at 888-894-1374.

Sleeping arrangements for those with 24/7 visitor access vary from unit to unit. Rooms have a fold-out bed for at least one person. No one may sleep on the floor, as this poses a safety risk to you, your loved one and our staff. For help making sleeping arrangements outside of the hospital, please contact Concierge Services.

Outpatient Visits

(Emergency, Urgent Care, Clinic, Day Surgery, Testing Visits)

No more than two primary support people may accompany your child. Only children being seen for an appointment should be brought to the hospital.

We recognize there may be special circumstances where siblings may need to attend an outpatient or Emergency Department visit. Please notify our team in advance, when possible, to work out a plan.

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Cincinnati Children’s complies with applicable laws and does not discriminate against people or treat them differently on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or other unlawful reasons.

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