Thank you for your interest in visiting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Special entertainment such as a puppet show, a musical performance or a celebrity visit can bring pleasure to hospitalized children and their families. 

All visiting performers, celebrities and groups must be screened and scheduled through the Child Life department. Unfortunately, for the safety of our patients we are unable to accommodate all offers, but we want you to know we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

All applications will be reviewed for appropriateness of activity, size and ages of the visiting group and scheduling availability. Completion of an application does not guarantee acceptance or scheduling of a visit or event.

All special visits made to patients will be screened and approved in advance by the Division of Child Life and Integrative care Department. 

Consideration will be given to events that are: 

  • highly entertaining, educational and therapeutic
  • unique (we can only accommodate so many similar acts)
  • appropriate for all ages (primarily ages 2 to 18 years)
  • physically and emotionally safe (non-threating, non-violent etc…)
  • appropriate for the conditions of the patients (i.e., small groups, not too loud)
  • religiously and politically neutral
  • appropriate for space available

Planning your visit: 

  1. All special visits must be screened and approved in advance through the Child Life Department. Please click here to download an application. 
  2. Special visitors/performers under the age of 18 years are not permitted to visit. 
  3. Any visitor having recent contact or exposure to a communicable disease, or having recent contact with an ill person, must receive approval from infection control. Any visitor who is currently ill is not permitted to visit.
  4. Special visitors will only be allowed to visit those areas already pre-approved for that visit.  A child life staff person member will be with you at all times.
  5. Child life will provide the guest with orientation to appropriate patients safety and infection control guidelines for the visit or event. 
  6. Previous successful experience entertaining and visiting with children is necessary. 
  7. Due to space limitations, and the health and safety of patients, the number of participants may be limited to only those deemed necessary by Child Life and Infection Control.
  8. We cannot guarantee the size of an audience due to a patient’s condition and availability.
  9. Since children often have short attention spans, events should be interactive and no more than 30 minutes. 
  10. Attire must be appropriate for all ages to reflect Cincinnati Children’s Hospital dress code. The following dress code is required: no open toes shoes, logo T-shirts with inappropriate slogans, short skirts, tank tops, and/or low cut tops. All tattoos must be covered with clothing.
  11. No religious or political implications are permitted in special programs.
  12. No food or donation is to be distributed to patients without prior approval from Child Life.
  13. Please note that visiting groups are required to bring all the supplies necessary for the activity they will facilitate.
  14. Performances may not include any potentially harmful materials, including: latex balloons or other latex items, fire, candles, knives or weapons. No plants or animals are permitted in the hospital.
  15. No music/lyrics that contain references to one or more of the following will be allowed to be played or performed: violence of any kind; alcohol; drugs; sex; criminal behavior; profane, discriminatory or abusive language.
  16. A patient's diagnosis and history are confidential therefore it will not be disclosed.
  17. No photographs/video may be taken without prior approval from Child Life and/or Marketing.  Any request to invite media must be approved 2 weeks in advance. Please note that media presence may interfere with a patient's experience and is therefore not encouraged.
  18. Cincinnati Children’s hospital may not be responsible for any injury, loss of personal belongings or equipment while you visit. 
  19. The Child Life department reserves the right to cancel or discontinue special programs/events at any time including if they are thought to be inappropriate or unsafe for patients. 
  20. Please contact the Child Life department if you have any questions regarding your performance content, length, etc., or about the children’s needs.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!