Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center

The Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center is here when you need it, offering a variety of services to cover all your child’s healthcare needs.
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Hopple Pediatric Services

Same-Day Care of Illness

Coughs, sniffles and tummy bugs are no fun. When your child is sick, let us know as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to see them that day, so they get treatment to feel better.

Well-Child Visits

Regular check-ups keep your kiddo healthy and strong. You can ask us anything at these visits—from expected growth and development milestones to current behavior and overall wellness needs.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing serious illnesses. We’re here to guide you, so you know when to get your child essential immunizations.

School and Sports Physical

Need a physical form completed for sports or school? We provide a full exam and make sure your child has had all immunizations and screenings. We can even do it at their well child visit.

Care and Treatment of Minor Injuries

Does your child have a minor pain or sprain? We treat scrapes, cuts and bites, as well as other concerns. For medical emergencies, always call 911.

Hearing and Vision Screening

Ear and eye issues can delay a child’s overall development. And early treatment is vital. That’s why we do routine screenings based on your child’s age and refer them to a specialist when needed.

Mental Health

Mental health, including emotional and behavioral development, is key to your child’s well-being. We offer mental health assessments and can refer your child to a specialist.

Weight Management

A healthy weight, with a balanced diet and plenty of physical activity, affects overall health—now and in the future. We have resources, so your child stays active and gets the nutrition they need.

Chronic Illness Care

We support children with long-term conditions—from asthma to attention deficit disorder to diabetes to autoimmune disorders. We collaborate with our specialists to get your child the care they need, for however long they need it.

Preventative Care

Our goal is to keep your child well before they have an illness or symptoms from a condition. Preventative care involves doing screenings, asking questions, counseling on health topics and more.

Birth Control

When it comes to sexual health, our pediatricians are here to help. We’re a trusted educational resource and can explain and prescribe birth control options for your teen.

Are You an Expecting Parent?

Our family is here for your growing family. Being a parent, especially to a newborn, is both exciting and exhausting. And you probably have a lot of questions. We're here to be a guide for you and your new addition, so they get the care they need to stay as healthy as possible. We have pediatric services devoted to new parents and their unique needs.  

Lactation Services

Are you breastfeeding or planning to? We can connect you with lactation counselors and consultants to answer questions and support you throughout breastfeeding.

Around-the-Clock Care

We know the doctor’s office isn’t the first place you and your child want to be. So, we have some options to make getting care as easy and efficient as possible.
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Visit Our Office in Person

Patients can schedule an appointment to meet face-to-face with our providers. We offer a comfortable, kid-friendly setting and we keep the vibes happy.

Contact Us by Phone

Current patients can contact us any time, day or night. We have nurses or other providers available 24/7 to help you decide if you need an appointment or can treat your child at home.
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Connect by Video

Sometimes, you need care right away, but can’t get to the pediatrician. CincyKids Health Connect can help you access urgent care 24/7 with video visits from your smartphone or computer.