Research Foundation
2014 Research Annual Report

At Cincinnati Children’s, we’re filling in the future. For children, for families, for medicine, for the world.

“Filling in the future” means going beyond traditional thinking. It means inspiring, imagining, creating and sharing new ideas with the world. That’s what we are doing at Cincinnati Children’s. You’ll read about research and treatment advances we’ve made in the past year. You’ll discover the inspired ideas that are truly filling in the future - providing answers where before there were only questions, and changing the outcome for children here and around the world. The summaries listed in this report mark the research and clinical advances made by our research areas over the past year. But they represent years – often decades – of work.

Our scientists start with a question – frequently, one that arises from an observation at the bedside. They take that question into the laboratory, where it is explored, reworked and revised until it results in a discovery that is game-changing for medical science, and life-changing for patients. That is how the scientists of the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation are filling in the future: using their talent to ask and answer the big questions, to envision and create a better world.

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