The CTRC staff work with the investigator and research study team to ensure the success of the study and optimal care for the participant and participant’s family. Some of our staff includes:

  • Our experienced research nurses assist investigators with all the activities, across different departments, necessary for protocol implementation. They are available to assist with studies involving blood draws, sample processing and other study-related activities, including full-day pharmacokinetic studies.
  • A Registered Dietitian oversees CTRC study activities involving nutrition, such as dietary intake assessment, provision of study meals and anthropometric measurements.
  • Certified International Bone Densitometry Technologists (IBDT) and licensed X-ray machine operators perform scans of bone density and body composition in our DXA facility.
  • Trained psychometrists conduct behavioral testing as part of our Behavioral Core services.
  • Experienced lab technicians complete assays in our CLIA-certified Biochemistry Lab.

Research Subject Advocate (RSA)

The research subject advocate ensures that protection of human subjects is accorded the highest priority for studies conducted in the CTRC. RSA develops and implements policies and procedures for the assurance of research participant safety, monitors CTRC studies for safe conduct and regulatory compliance, audits studies for regulatory compliance and conduct that is safe and ethical, and educates investigators and participants regarding the appropriate conduct of human research.