Schubert Research Clinic
Protocol Submission

Protocol Submission

The Schubert Research Clinic (SRC) manages the use of their resources and services through ePAS. During your submission in ePAS, you will need to complete the SRC Intake Form. This process is completed through a REDCap supported survey link.

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Protocol Status:

  1. If you are submitting your protocol in ePAS for the first time: You will be able to fill out all the initial study submission questions in ePAS, including the SRC Intake process. You will need to answer “yes” to the question of Schubert Research Clinic usage. The SRC Intake Form link is embedded in the usage question. Studies will need to complete the SRC Intake Form to initiate the SRC intake process. The SRC Intake Form should be completed in it's entirety and include the selection of all services being requested in the SRC.
  2. If your protocol was approved by the IRB previously, but you did not select SRC services and now you wish to use SRC services: Go into your protocol in ePAS and select “yes” to the Schubert Research Clinic usage. You will be prompted to complete the SRC Intake Form. Please complete the intake form in it’s entirety by selecting all services needed in the SRC.

Service Options

  • Space only, which includes SRC clinic room (study conducted by study staff), self-laboratory specimen processing, storage of specimens, shipping center and metabolic kitchen
  • Basic services only, including vital signs, prep for labs, blood draw and urine collection
  • Comprehensive services including triage services, nursing, sample processing lab services, bionutrition, DXA scanning, biochemistry labs or vascular core services
  • Imaging Research Center (IRC) or Cardiovascular Imaging Core Research Laboratory (CICRL) visit only  

You will not need to contact SRC staff to let us know about your protocol. The completion of the SRC Intake Form will notify the SRC of your studies submission. The SRC will be in contact once the study status is listed as approved by the IRB.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Clinic Charges

The current Schubert Research Clinic charges can be accessed on the CCTST webpage by clicking on this link:

Log-in by a CCTST member affiliated with UC or Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is required to view.

If you are not a CCTST member, go to the CCTST website, click “Join Now” on the right-hand side of the page, and follow the instructions to become a member (CCTST membership is free of charge).

Please refer to the Research Compendium for non-SRC Cincinnati Children’s charges. Go to Centerlink > Research tab > Administrative Information tab > Research Financial Tools menu > Research and Compendium Fee Schedule. If you are from UC or need assistance finding costs, please contact us by email at, and we will assist you.

Contact Us

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For general inquires on the clinic, contact the registration desk at 513-517-0500.

For protocol specific questions, contact