The RFCC at Cincinnati Children’s maintains eight analytical cytometers for measuring fluorescence in cellular applications including immunofluorescence, cell cycle analysis, proliferation and phospho-flow. The instruments are available 24/7 for those who have been trained by our staff.

Design a panel on one of our instruments using FluoroFinder.

      Number of Fluorescence PMTs
Instrument Name* Instrument Make/Model** Location*** UV (355nm) Violet (405nm) Blue (488nm) Yellow-Green (561nm) Red (635nm)
Canto 1 BD/FACSCanto R5087A

4 3
Canto 2 BD/FACSCanto II R5526
2 4   2
Canto 3 BD/FACSCanto R5087A
3 5
LSR II BD/LSR II R5524 2 6
5 3
Fortessa 1 BD/LSRFortessa R5524 2 6
5 3
Fortessa 2 BD/LSRFortessa R5543 2 6
5 3
Fortessa 3
BD/LSRFortessa R5524 2 6
5 3
Aurora Cytek/Aurora R5503 16

Analyzer Information

R5087A: FACSCantos 1 and 3
R5526: FACSCanto 2
R5524: LSRII and Fortessas 1 and 3
R5543: Fortessa 2

R5503: ImageStreamX Mark II and Aurora

24/7 for those who have been trained by our staff

Contact Us
General information, help and analyzer training:
Analyzer rooms:

To Schedule Time

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*Click on the instrument name for the configuration.
**Only the following BD Falcon tubes can be used on our instruments. BD Cat. No. 352058, 352052, 352008, 352235. Any other tube will damage the instrument!
***BL2 rooms. Doors must be kept closed at all times and appropriate PPE worn while in the instrument rooms.


After training, you can schedule time using the Stratocore Scheduling system. Times of more than four hours must be approved by flow core staff.  Schedule only for the time you need and delete any unused time.


Pricing for internal clients can be found on Centerlink.  For external clients, please contact us.

Technical Support

Need help?  We can be reached in R5503, R5564 or at 513-636-3575.

Data Storage

A project drive has been set up called “RFCC-FACSDATA.” Directions on how to access the project drive will be provided at training or refer to our data management policy for further information.

Request access to one of our project drives (Cincinnati Children's users only) at

Data Analysis

Any time spent on the acquisition computers is considered billable time. However, computers are available for data analysis free of charge to flow core users in R5503. See "Software" for more information.

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