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Peds PAIN-PAL (Personalized Analgesia Lab)

The Chidambaran Peds PAIN-PAL Lab (Personalized Analgesia Lab) focus on perioperative pain and opioid safety, has highlighted that pain continues beyond the postoperative period for some children. Many children who were opioid naïve and pain free before surgery develop chronic pain that persists for years after surgery. Psychosocial and gene-environmental factors are tremendous influences on this transition from acute to chronic pain. Our research studies the biopsychological determinants of chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) and prolonged opioid use after surgery in children. CPSP has detrimental effects on child development and mental health, leading to increased disability as adults, with grave socioeconomic consequences.

The lab conducts translational research in pharmacogenomics for personalization of pediatric analgesia. They study pharmacogenomics of opioids and biopsychosocial determinants of acute and chronic post-surgical pain including psychosocial, genomic and epigenetic markers. Research includes the key factors involved in this transition to chronic pain and the clinical integration of multifactorial predictive modeling in pediatric healthcare. They have conducted prospective genotype blinded clinical research in adolescents undergoing spine fusion, and a have developed a reliable system of follow-up for subjects after surgery. Their work has been funded by numerous institutional, extramural and NIH grant awards. The labs findings have been presented at various national meetings have received multiple research awards.

Our lab is an active member of the Consortium for Understanding Pediatric Pain (CUPP) at Cincinnati Children’s integrates this world-class pain research and expertise across multiple groups to amplify synergies and collaborations in research, training, and patient care.

The lab conducts disparity based research to determine differences in pain coping styles and factors that influence pain disparities by race, ethnicity and social determinants of health.


Dr. Chidambaran appeared on Dr. Anjana Kundu's "Pedia Pain Focus" podcast to discuss the "Role of Epigenetics in Chronic Post-Surgical Pain." Choose a platform below to listen to the podcast:

Vidya Chidambaran.

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Vidya Chidambaran, MD, MS, FASA
Professor of Anesthesia
Director of Perioperative Pain
Division of Pain Management
Department of Anesthesia

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital
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