Mechanisms of Progression of Atopic Dermatitis to Asthma in Children (MPAACH)

M-PAACH is the first US-based prospective infant cohort and the first mechanistic atopic dermatitis (AD) cohort designed to explain endotypes of AD that progress to asthma and identify biomarkers of disease progression.

It’s been supported that children with eczema are more likely to develop allergies and asthma. This study will evaluate how genetic environmental and immune factors contribute to some children with eczema developing other allergic diseases while others do not.


Through our research, our data has suggested that:

  • There is a marked difference in the rate of food sensitization in the aero-sensitized group versus the aero-nonsensitized group.
  • The aero sensitized and aero-nonsensitized groups show different patterns of sensitivity.
  • The food + aeroallergen co-sensitized group had the highest SCORAD and TEWL, supporting that this group has a more dysfunctional skin barrier compared to the other groups.
  • The co-sensitized group had increased sensitization to dog (54.3%), compared to aero only group’s sensitization to dog (15.0%).

M-PAACH discoveries.
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M-PAACH allergen chart.
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MPAACH event cancelled.

Following guidelines, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are cancelling our MPAACH Family Appreciation Event at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens on April 25th 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Health and safety of our families is our top priority and following State of Ohio guidelines we will aim to reschedule this event in the future.

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M-PAACH team group photo.
Row 1: A. Kothari, M. Stevens, T. Groeschen, A. Baatyrbek kyzy, A. Gonzales, G. Khurana Hershey
Row 2: X. Ren, M. Sonzogni, B. Grashel, J. Biagini Myers, H. Johansson, L. Murrison, A. Filuta, D. Spagna, B. Ruff
Row 3: P. Bolcas, T. Miles, P. Amezcua, R. Patel, A. Bucci, S. DeVore, M. Sherenian, E. Brandt, S. Jenkins, D. Morgan

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