Biomedical Informatics
Aronow Lab

Aronow Research Lab

The Aronow Lab focuses on collaborative research projects and the development of informatics systems that leverage multiple disciplines of knowledge, expertise and diverse data. The goal is to improve our collective ability to formulate high-impact inferences, hypotheses and next-stage experiments that could have the highest overall impact for biomedical research. We currently focus on finding or supporting efforts to solve problems relevant to genomic medicine by developing, both independently and collaboratively, new algorithms, tools and methodologies in translational bioinformatics. To this effect, we deal with several aspects of bioinformatics, ranging from gene regulatory networks to systems biology of normal and perturbed states.


Kidney Atlas

The atlas provides the most complete view yet generated of gene expression in the individual cells and the tissue structure components of the developing kidney.

FACEBASE Consortium

How the Face Forms 

Craniofacial mapping will show how each of the approximately 30,000 genes in the mouse genome are activated or deactivated during craniofacial development.

Unlocking Secrets

The lab is searching for the genetic factors causing the unusual facial malformations known as Valencia del Rey syndrome.