Cincinnati Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program
Community Education and Outreach

Community Education and Outreach

Looking Upstream 

Each year the Cincinnati Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program (BCERP) hosts a public education forum about environmental links to breast cancer. In addition to the keynote address, the forum offers attendees updates on the research conducted by Cincinnati BCERP scientists.

The 10th annual "Looking Upstream for Environmental Links to Breast Cancer” public education forum will be held April 12, 2014. The event is attended by community advocates, health care providers and community members interested in the research conducted through the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program.

BCERP Principal Investigator, Dr. Frank Biro will update the community on the project’s work over the past year. Susan Pinney, PhD, of the Cincinnati BCERP, will speak about the last 10 years of the study.  Keynote speakers Karen Miller, President, Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition; and Laura Weinberg, President, Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition; will speak on community advocacy.

Please see this brochure for more information.

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