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Innovation of prenatal diagnosis and in utero treatment are the mainstay of the Lim Lab. The ability to diagnose congenital conditions prior to birth has led to an opportunity to understand the natural history of these processes and provide antenatal therapy to prevent devastating morbidities and even death. While much of our focus is on risk stratification using prenatal evaluations and the development of prognostic indicators, we are also actively investigating the role of prenatal biomarkers that may provide insight into the development and progression of these fetal anomalies. The advancement and innovation of operative techniques can then be performed in animal models with translation into patient use. Additionally, we have the advantage of having immediate and long term follow-up of our patients, which allows us to assess associated outcomes and the efficacy of all treatments. We provide multidisciplinary care through divisional partnerships within our institution and are involved in various multicenter collaborations. These relationships allow us to innovate and provide the best possible outcomes to our patients.

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Foong-Yen Lim, MD
Surgical Director, Fetal Care Center
Professor, UC Department of Surgery