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Center for Fetal and Placental Research

Center for Fetal and Placental Research

Research and Innovation in Fetal and Placental Therapy

Not every pregnancy is straightforward. In these unfortunate situations, a mother may learn that a problem with her pregnancy or developing fetus has arisen which could have lifelong consequences for the baby and the family. The logical questions that arise are:

  • Why and how did this happen?
  • Can anything be done to treat this condition?

Our mission is to combine basic and translational research methods to investigate and understand these diseases and develop novel therapies.

Understanding the cause and mechanism of a disease can lead to improved diagnosis and the development of treatments. Fortunately, many diseases and fetal abnormalities can now be prenatally diagnosed through genetic testing and imaging techniques. In some cases, treatment during the pregnancy is an option, but for many others no treatments currently exist. Through our collaborative research and understanding of the development of these diseases, we strive to develop treatments for those cases which do not currently have that option.

The Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center specializes in treating complex and rare fetal conditions. Learn more about research in fetal and placental therapy.

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