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Immunobiology Research

The Division of Immunobiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is dedicated to understanding immunologically mediated disorders in children on the molecular, cellular and genetic levels. By applying molecular technologies to this research area, we hope to better understand these diseases and develop novel treatments. 

Such research is the fundamental mission of the Division of Immunobiology, a division with broad horizontal links across divisional, organ system, disease process and methodological divides.

The primary theme for much of the research in our division centers around understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying innate immunity and the interface between innate and adaptive immunity. With this knowledge we strive for translational exploitation of novel insights into such mechanisms to devise new preventive and therapeutic strategies for diseases affecting children.

Progress Through Collaboration

The Division of Immunobiology shares expertise throughout Cincinnati Children’s and beyond, ensuring that the latest advances in our field are put to use caring for patients as soon as possible. We provide a research home for several faculty and trainees from clinical divisions and provide premiere graduate training in Immunobiology through the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Preparing Future Researchers

Our division is dedicated to providing top-quality educational opportunities for graduate students and budding medical researchers. Besides being the administrative home for the Immunology Graduate Program, the division hosts research conferences, works with MD/PhD programs in other Research Foundation divisions and provides research training opportunities for post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows and junior faculty.

Statistics at a Glance

Research and Training

  • Faculty: 13
  • Joint Appointment Faculty: 3
  • Research Graduate Students: 32
  • Research Fellows and Post Docs: 12

Clinical Activities and Training

  • Clinical Fellows: 3