A doctor and child using an ipad.

Center for Health Technology Research

The Center for Health Technology Research was developed to address gaps in healthcare research across professional subspecialties and clinical populations by leveraging the use of novel technologies in assessment, intervention, and prevention. With healthcare entering an era of significant change, the center helps address the challenges and opportunities to adapt how we deliver the best healthcare to the children and families we serve, while doing so in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

Our Vision

Through cutting edge, innovative research, the Center for Health Technology Research is working to provide an evidence base for technology-enabled assessment and intervention protocols in clinical care. This will promote a shift from clinic-based assessment of symptoms and risk factors to a more continuous monitoring of clinically-relevant issues. This will enable clinicians to be more efficient with their time and empower patients to be more engaged and informed in their disease management. Our goal is to identify and create new opportunities to deliver care in innovative ways that are appealing to patients and provide data in greater detail for clinicians to use in treatment planning.