Interactions of BRCA proteins, including protein complexes formed by FANCN / PALB2.

We are interested in understanding the regulation of the BRCA1-PALB2-BRCA2-RAD51 pathway of HR and believe that these studies should be applicable to personalized cancer therapy. As part of this effort. Characterization of PALB2-protein complexes has identified PALB2 as a physical and functional linker of BRCA1 and BRCA2, and has demonstrated an interaction with the MRG15 chromodomain protein. Identification of BRCA protein complexes is ongoing.

Identification of previously unknown Fanconi anemia genes, including FANCU/XRCC2.

To better understand the etiology of FA and the function of FA-related proteins in DNA damage responses, we have been involved in FA gene identification including our recent identification of the breast cancer susceptibility (BRCA) gene XRCC2 as FANCU. Identification of additional FA genes is ongoing.