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Israel Exchange Program

Israel Exchange Program: Partnering to Improve the Health of Children around the World

The Israel Exchange Program at Cincinnati Children’s recognizes that Israel is a global leader in research, innovation and technology. Cincinnati Children’s is a leader in delivering complex pediatric care and breakthrough research.

Working as partners through the Israel Exchange Program, we can make research and technological advances that benefit the globe, more expertly train scientists and pediatric providers and improve clinical care for children around the world.

Highlights of the Program

  • Collaborations between Israeli and Cincinnati Children’s physicians to jointly treat patients with complex conditions in both Cincinnati and Israel
  • Clinical and research postdoctoral fellowships at Cincinnati Children’s for Israelis
  • Short-term training opportunities for Israeli physicians, nurses, students, paraprofessionals and hospital administrators at Cincinnati Children’s
  • Grants to support collaborative research
  • Co-sponsorship of conferences and research symposia in Israel and Cincinnati
  • Technology collaborations with Israeli start-ups and universities