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Braun JM, Chen A, Romano ME, Calafat AM, Webster GM, Yolton K, Lanphear BP. Prenatal perfluoroalkyl substance exposure and child adiposity at 8 years of age: The HOME study. Obesity. 2016 Jan;24(1):231-7.

Braun JM, Kalloo G, Chen A, Dietrich KN, Liddy-Hicks S, Morgan S, Xu Y, Yolton K, Lanphear BP. Cohort profile: The Health Outcomes and Measures of the Environment (HOME) Study. International Journal of Epidemiology. 2016 Mar 22.

Vuong AM, Yolton K, Webster GM, Sjödin A, Calafat AM, Braun JM, Dietrich KN, Lanphear BP, Chen A. Prenatal polybrominated diphenyl ether and perfluoroalkyl substance exposures and executive function in school-age children. Environmental Research. 2016 May;147:556-64.

Xu Y, Khoury JC, Sucharew H, Dietrich K, Yolton K. Low-level gestational exposure to mercury and maternal fish consumption: Associations with neurobehavior in early infancy. Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 2016 Mar-Apr;54:61-7.

Engel SM, Bradman A, Wolff MS, Rauh VA, Harley KG, Yang JH, Hoepner LA, Barr DB, Yolton K, Vedar MG. Prenatal Organophosphorus Pesticide Exposure and Child Neurodevelopment at 24 Months: An Analysis of Four Birth Cohorts. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2015 Sep 29. 

Werner EF, Braun JM, Yolton K, Khoury J, Lanphear BP. The Association between Maternal Urinary Phthalate Concentrations and Blood Pressure in Pregnancy: The HOME Study. Environmental Health. 2015 Sep 17;14:75.

Vuong AM, Webster GM, Romano ME, Braun JM, Zoeller RT, Hoofnagle AN, et al. Maternal Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) Exposure and Thyroid Hormones in Maternal and Cord Sera: The HOME Study, Cincinnati, USA. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2015 Oct;123(10):1079-85.

Barnard H, Rao R, Xu Y, Froehlich T, Epstein J, Lanphear BP, et al. Association of the Conners’ Kiddie Continuous Performance Test (K-CPT) Performance and Parent-Report Measures of Behavior and Executive Functioning. Journal of Attention Disorders. 2015 Apr 6. pii: 1087054715578271. [Epub ahead of print]

Romano ME, Webster GM, Vuong AM, Zoeller RT, Chen A, Hoofnagle AN, et al. Gestational urinary bisphenol A and maternal and newborn thyroid hormone concentrations: The HOME Study . Environmental Research. 2015 Apr;138:453-60.

Braun J, Lanphear BP, Calafat A, Deria S, Khoury J, Howe C. Early life Bisphenol A exposure and child body mass index:  A prospective cohort study . Environmental Health Perspectives. 2014 Nov;122(11):1239-45.

Braun JM, Froehlich T, Kalkbrenner A, Pfeiffer CM, Fazili Z, Yolton K, et al. Brief Report: Are Autistic-Behaviors in Children Related to Prenatal Vitamin Use and Maternal Whole Blood Folate Concentrations? Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 2014 Oct;44(10):2602-7.

Braun JM, Kalkbrenner AE, Just AC, Yolton K, Calafat AM, Sjödin A, et al. Gestational exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and reciprocal social, repetitive, and stereotypic behaviors in 4-and 5-year-old children: the HOME Study. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2014 May;122(5):513-20.

Chen A, Yolton K, Rauch SA, GM W, Hornung R, A S, et al. Prenatal Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Exposures and Neurodevelopment in U.S. Children through 5 Years of Age:  The HOME Study. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2014 Aug;122(8):856-62.

Donauer S, Chen A, Xu Y, Calafat AM, Sjodin A, Yolton K. Prenatal Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals and Infant Neurobehavior. The Journal of Pediatrics. 2015 Mar;166(3):736-42.

Phelan KJ, Morrongiello BA, Khoury JC, Xu Y, Liddy S, Lanphear B. Maternal supervision of children during their first 3 years of life: The influence of maternal depression and child gender. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. 2014 Apr;39(3):349-57.

Prasodjo A, Pfeiffer CM, Fazili Z, Xu Y, Liddy S, Yolton K, et al. Serum cotinine and whole blood folate concentrations in pregnancy. Annals of Epidemiology. 2014 Jul;24(7):498-503.e1.

Spanier AJ, Kahn RS, Kunselman AR, Schaefer EW, Hornung R, Xu Y, et al. Bisphenol a exposure and the development of wheeze and lung function in children through age 5 years. JAMA Pediatrics. 2014 Dec;168(12):1131-7.

Watkins D, Eliot M, Calafat A, Yolton K, Lanphear B, Braun J. Variability and predictors of urinary phthalate metabolites during early childhood. Environmental Science and Technology. 2014;48(15):8881-90.

Braun JM, Kalkbrenner AE, Calafat AM, Bernert JT, Ye X, Silva MJ, et al. Variability and predictors of urinary bisphenol A concentrations during pregnancy . Environmental Health Perspectives. 2011 Jan;119(1):131-7.

Braun JM, Kalkbrenner AE, Calafat AM, Yolton K, Ye X, Dietrich KN, et al. Impact of early-life bisphenol A exposure on behavior and executive function in children . Pediatrics. 2011 Nov;128(5):873-82.

Phelan KJ, Khoury J, Xu Y, Liddy S, Hornung R, Lanphear BP. A Randomized Controlled Trial of Home Injury Hazard Reduction: The HOME Injury Study . Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 2011 Apr;165(4):339-45.

Sathyanarayana S, Braun J, Yolton K, Liddy S, Lanphear B. Case Report: High Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure and Infant Neonatal Neurobehavior. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2011 Aug;119(8):1170-5.

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Xu Y, Yolton K, Khoury J. Earliest Appropriate Time for Administering Neurobehavioral Assessment in Newborn Infants. Pediatrics. 2011 Jan;127(1):e69-75.

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Braun JM, Daniels JL, Poole C, Olshan AF, Hornung R, Bernert JT, et al. A prospective cohort study of biomarkers of prenatal tobacco smoke exposure: the correlation between serum and meconium and their association with infant birth weight. Environmental Health. 2010 Aug 27;9:53.

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Phelan KJ, Khoury J, Xu Y, Lanphear B. Validation of a HOME Injury Survey. Injury Prevention. 2009 Oct;15(5):300-6.

Yolton K, Khoury J, Xu Y, Succop P, Lanphear B, Bernert JT, et al. Low-level prenatal exposure to nicotine and infant neurobehavior. Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 2009 Nov-Dec;31(6):356-63.

Geraghty SR, Khoury JC, Morrow AL, Lanphear BP. Reporting individual test results of environmental chemicals in breastmilk: potential for premature weaning . Breastfeeding Medicine. 2008 Dec;3(4):207-13.