PI Institution Project  Year CBRI Affiliation
Rohit Kohli Cincinnati Children's A pilot prospective study of bile acid physiology before and after vertical sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery in adolescents (Kohli—BAVSG) 2014 CBRI Team
Matthew Flick Cincinnati Children's Thrombin-driven mechanisms of metabolic inflammation and obesity 2014 POTR
Halley Wasserman Cincinnati Children's Effect of bariatric surgery during adolescence on site-specific bone mineral density and cortical thickness (Wasserman BMD) 2014 Teen-LABS
Vidya Chidambaran Cincinnati Children's Retrospective chart review and correlation of genetics, transporter function and opioid effects in bariatric patients 2013 POTR
Tianying Wu University of Cincinnati Changes of oxidation levels among obese adolescents before and one-year after bariatric surgery 2013 POTR
Aaron Kelly University of Minnesota Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Adipokines among Severely Obese Adolescents Receiving Bariatric Surgery: Relations with BMI Reduction and Improvements in Insulin Sensitivity and Beta Cell Function 2013 POTR
Aaron Kelly University of Minnesota Validation of Circulating Endothelial Cells and Microparticles in Youth (Kelly Bariatric) 2013 CBRI team & HI team
Elaine Urbina Cincinnati Children's Validation of Circulating Endothelial Cells and Microparticles in Youth (Kelly Bariatric) 2013 University of Minnesota team & CBRI team
Jennifer Kaplan Cincinnati Children's Obesity enhances inflammation in sepsis through activation of adipose and hepatic inflammation 2013 POTR
Karen Ryan University of Cincinnati The intestinal hormone FGF19 and bariatric surgery 2013 POTR
Amy Shah Cincinnati Children's Mechanisms of HDL subspecies dysfunction in adolescents with type 2 diabetes 2013 POTR
Meg Zeller Cincinnati Children's Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: Trajectories of Weight, Psychopathology, Risk and Competence in Young Adulthood (VIEWpoint) 2013 Teen-LABS
Bonnie Brehm Cincinnati Children's Thermic Effect of Food and Endocrine Responses Following Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Adolescence (Teen-Thermic Effect of Food [Teen-TEF]) 2013 Teen-LABS
Meg Zeller Cincinnati Children's Administrative Supplement for Drug Abuse Research as a part of the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery Studies (TeenView 2) 2012 Teen-LABS
Nianzhou Xiao Cincinnati Children’s Biomarkers for early kidney injury in severely obese children 2012 POTR
Rohit Kohli Cincinnati Children’s Bile acid physiology and after bariatric surgery in adolescents 2012 POTR
R. Scott Rector University of Missouri A study of the inflammatory properties of adipose tissue and liver from obese children and the correlation with other markers of metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction 2012 POTR
Meg Zeller Cincinnati Children’s Tracking Adolescents After Bariatric Surgery: Substance, HIV, and Suicide Risk (TeenView3) 2012 Teen-LABS
Nancy Butte Baylor College of Medicine/ Texas Children's Hospital Energetic Adaptations Persist after Bariatric Surgery in Severely Obese Adolescents 2012 Teen-LABS
Christopher Karp & Senad Divanovic Cincinnati Children’s Role of IL-17 in NAFLD development and progression 2011 POTR
Nira Ben-Jonathan University of Cincinnati Metabolic Actions of Antipsychotics on Adipose Tissue Samples from Children and Adolescents 2010 POTR
James W. Perfield University of Missouri Adipose tissue inflammation and metabolic complications in childhood obesity 2010 POTR
Stavra Xanthakos Cincinnati Children’s CoEnzyme Q as a novel biomarker for the severity of steatohepatitis 2010 POTR
Jessica Woo Cincinnati Children’s DNA Methylation in Obesity 2010 POTR
W. Robert DeFoor Cincinnati Children’s Effect of Gastric Bypass on Urinary Metabolic Profiles in Adolescents (Teen-Stones) 2010 Teen-LABS
Raouf Amin Cincinnati Children’s Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing by Bariatric Surgery 2009 Teen-LABS
Rudy Leibel & Wendy Chung Columbia University Identifying Frequency and Mutation Spectrum of Genes Causing Obesity in the Teen-LABS Cohort and Characterization of the Clinical Phenotype 2009 Teen-LABS
Megan Ratcliff Cincinnati Children’s Lifestyle Behaviors of Adolescents during the Second Post-operative Year Following Bariatric Surgery 2009 Teen-LABS
Sander Vinks Cincinnati Children’s A Non-Intervention Study to Develop a Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Model for Individualized Propofol Dosing 2009 Teen-LABS
Holger Till University of Leipzig Study on metabolic changes after bariatric surgery in childhood and adolescence 2008 POTR
Stavra Xanthakos Cincinnati Children’s Biological Determinants of Steatohepatitis After Bariatric Surgery 2008 POTR & Teen-LABS
Meg Zeller Cincinnati Children’s Adolescent Bariatrics: Controlled Longitudinal Study of Psychosocial Development (TeenView) 2008 Teen-LABS
David Sarwer University of Pennsylvania Dietary Intake and Eating Behavior in Adolescents who undergo Bariatric Surgery 2008 Teen-LABS