Current Funding

UM1 DK072493 – NIH/NIDDK – Teen Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (Teen-LABS continuation) (PI: Inge)

The main goals of the Teen-LABS project specifically are to address important gaps in our understanding of the impact of early onset obesity and the outcome of bariatric surgery in adolescents compared to adults. As such, Teen-LABS investigate relationships between duration of obesity, subject characteristics, comorbid conditions, serologic markers, and medical, surgical, and behavioral outcomes. 

R01 DA033415-01A1 – NIH/NIDA – Tracking Adolescents After Bariatric Surgery; Substance, HIV and Suicide Risks (PI: Zeller)

The focus of the proposed study (TeenView 3), is the longer-term (36, 48-month) observation of postoperative weight and psychosocial trajectories for adolescents during the transition to young adulthood, as well as a more comprehensive testing of relevant risk and protective factors affecting the pathway from bariatric surgery to engagement in high-risk behaviors.

R01 DK080020 – NIH/NIDDK – Adolescent Bariatrics: Controlled Longitudinal Study of Psychosocial Development  (PI: Zeller) 

The goal of this study is provide evidence of the short- and longer-term benefits of adolescent surgical intervention and the unique or emerging risk factors associated with adolescent bariatric surgery that may impact health in the emerging adulthood years.

Completed Funding

 Ethicon Endo Surgery – Follow-Up Adolescent Bariatric Surgery at 5 years Postop (FABS-5+)&

  • Long Term Follow-up of Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Patients
  • This project will describe the natural history of morbid obesity adolescents, describe long term outcomes following adolescent bariatric surgery and compare these outcomes to non-surgical patients

R01 HL110957 – University of Minnesota/NIH/NHLBI (Prime) – Validation of Circulating Endothelial Cells and Microparticles in Youth (PI: Kelly

As part of our sub-contract to this grant, we will recruit obese subjects prior to bariatric surgery and evaluate CV risk factors, endothelial microparticles and vascular structure and function prior to and after weight loss surgery.

NASPGHAN Foundation/Takeda Pharmaceutical – Bile Acids in VSG (Kohli Study) (PI: Kohli)

This study examines how changes in your blood effect metabolic improvements seen after sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

R01 DK087038 – University of Pennsylvania/NIH/NIDDK (Prime) – Dietary Intake and Eating Behavior in Adolescents who Undergo Bariatric Surgery (PI: Zeller)

To investigate changes in dietary intake and eating behavior in Teen-LABS participants and compare them with responses in obese adolescents treated with a lifestyle modification program.

R03 DK068228 – NIH/NIDDK – Adolescent Gastric By-Pass and Diabetic Precursors (IVGTT ) (PI: Inge)

This project began a detailed study of insulin resistance, beta cell function, anthropometrics, nutrition, and physical activity in adolescents undergoing bariatric surgery.

3 U01 DK072493 – Adolescent Bariatrics: Assessing Health Benefits & Risks (ARRA Funds) (PI: Inge)

  • 3 U01 DK072493-04S1 (ARRA Funds – Sleep Study)
    • This study collected detailed and objective polysomnographic data on adolescents and adults undergoing bariatric surgery to test the hypothesis that early intervention for morbid obesity will more completely correct obstructive sleep apnea compared to later intervention in adulthood.
  • 3 U01 DK072493-05S1 (ARRA Funds – Teen-Activity PA Validation Study)
    • The purpose of this study was to evaluate the validity and reliability of the objective activity monitoring that was being collected in the Teen LABS study, determine the reliability of the readings obtained from three different activity monitors and examine their ability to differentiate inactivity from very low and moderate levels of activity, and validate the three different monitors against manual counts of steps and recorded heart rate during a quantifiable amount of inactivity or activity. The evaluation examined planned bouts of inactivity, very low activity, and moderate activity in morbidly obese, adolescent subjects.
  • 3 U01 DK072493-05S2 (ARRA Funds – DCC)
    • This funding was primarily used by the Teen LABS Data Center to perform a multisite data audit for quality assurance purposes.