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Barske Lab

Barske Lab

The Barske Lab studies the formation and patterning of the skeleton. Our work focuses on three major transitions during early skeletal development:

  1. How precursor cells first transition into bona fide skeletal progenitors
  2. How those then initiate maturation into chondrocytes and osteoblasts at specific spatial coordinates
  3. How mineralization is initiated

By investigating how these critical transitions are controlled, we hope to better understand the disturbed developmental processes underlying skeletal disorders in our pediatric patients, ultimately improving intervention strategies and outcomes.

Our laboratory is located within the Research Building at Cincinnati Children's. Lindsey Barske, PhD, is an assistant professor in the divisions of Human Genetics and Developmental Biology as well as a faculty mentor in the Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program (MDB).

About the PI

A photo of Lindsey Barske.

Lindsey Barske, PhD

I am a development biologist who uses genetic approaches to understand the genesis of skeletal form. I obtained my BA from Pomona College, my PhD at Duke University, and my postdoctoral training at the University of Southern California before starting my lab at Cincinnati Children's in 2018.

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