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Roadmap Project

The Roadmap Project

Living with a chronic condition affects children, adolescents, and young adult patients and their families both physically and emotionally. Patients and family members can face significant stress and may experience difficulty coping. Their mounting strain poses challenges to taking care of themselves, and can make symptoms worse.

With support from the American Board of Pediatrics Foundation and the David R. Clare and Margaret C. Clare Foundation, The Roadmap Project provides health professionals, patients, and families the tools and resources to ensure that addressing emotional health is a routine part of excellent and equitable care.

Our Global Aim

Patients with chronic conditions and their families will receive support to promote emotional health as a routine part of excellent and equitable care.

Our Approach

  • Raising awareness among patients, families, and clinical teams to validate, assess, and address emotional stress during routine care.
  • Building confidence and capability among clinical teams to assess and address emotional health needs, and helping patients and families feel safe sharing emotional health concerns.
  • Providing resources, connections, and strategies to patients, families, and clinical teams to help build a roadmap that improves the emotional health of children with chronic conditions.

How Roadmap Helps

“I think having physicians who have a value for mental health and are willing to initiate hard conversations with their patients is super important. When I see clinicians who value mental health, I also find these people are more likely to recognize our overwhelming treatment burden, people who want to see the challenges we face as a family and people appreciate my child's need for comfort / pain management and safety when it comes to medical procedures.

- Parent of a son with cystic fibrosis


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Questions? Contact the Roadmap project team: ABP_Fdn_Project@cchmc.org