Lab Life

A photo of Dr. Crone and his lab members.

Pat Woller, Sarah Baumgartner, Steve Crone, Ian Walling, and Christina Thapa

A photo of the Crone Lab taking the ice bucket challenge with Michael Fisher.

The lab takes the Ice Bucket Challenge with former president and CEO, Michael Fisher.

A photo of Sarah Baumgartner and Christina Thapa working in the lab.

Sarah Baumgartner and Christina Thapa

An image of Pat Woller.

Pat Woller

An image of Ian Walling.

Ian Walling

An image of Steve Crone working in the lab.

Steve Crone

An image of Kari Seedle and Shannon Romer.

Kari Seedle and Shannon Romer

An image of the Crone Lab.

Kelsey Elliot, Ruth Asch, Sarah Baumgartner, Steve Crone, Shannon Romer and Kari Seedle