Digital illustration: wireframe of a human brain neural network. 

About the He Lab

The He Lab aims to apply our diverse team’s expertise in computer science, biomedical imaging, diagnostic radiology, and biostatistics to develop Artificial Intelligence enhanced Computer Aided Diagnosis (AI-CAD) systems to facilitate major breakthroughs in the medical field by optimizing imaging acquisition and aiding doctors in image segmentation and interpretation, as well as disease classification, diagnosis, outcome prediction, and treatment decision making.

We have collaborated with leading professionals and received multiple R01 federal research grants.

About the PI

A photo of Lili He.

Lili He, PhD

I am a computer scientist with expertise in artificial intelligence and medical imaging. My long-standing career goal is to develop and validate robust clinically-effective AI diagnostic/ prognostic systems for physicians to use to improve diagnosis/ prediction and prevention of patient outcomes for high-risk infants and children.

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