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Active Research Projects

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This study is aimed to identify a clinic-based decision tool that can be used to identify when an athlete, who has undergone ACL Reconstruction, is ready to return to sports. By having a tool that providers can use in clinic, we can improve the outcomes of ACL reconstruction patients to successfully return to their activities and reduce the risk of a second ACL injury.

In this study, we are investigating the implementation of booster visits after completion of physical therapy for adolescent athletes that have undergone ACL Reconstruction and how these visits may improve the outcomes after this injury.

This longitudinal project has investigated adolescent athletes after ACL reconstruction for the 2 years following their return to sport. With this longitudinal data, this study has identified risk factors of those who suffer a second ACL injury and also helped identify factors to consider when evaluating an athlete’s readiness to return to sport.

Juvenile fibromyalgia (JFM) is a chronic condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain that may contribute to functional disability and reduced quality of life. One method to alleviate fibromyalgia associated pain is physical activity; however, patients with JFM regularly experience pain after exercising, which can cascade into a fear of movement (FoM) and reduced physical activity. The purpose of this PORTICO Center Pilot and Feasibility Program project is to investigate the movement profiles of patients with JFM and determine how pain and FoM influence the structure of motor behavior over the duration of a six-minute walk test.

Concussion diagnosis and recovery are critical to ensuring the safety of athletes. This study investigates tools and methods for diagnosing concussions and determining safe recovery and return to sport following a concussion.

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact athletic trainers have on the quality of care for student athletes and on the resources of the healthcare system.