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Aaron W. Perlman Center

A cerebral palsy patient with a care provider.

The Perlman Center for Cerebral Palsy

The Perlman Center is an internationally known destination for children, youth and adults with cerebral palsy (CP) and other neuromuscular and physically limiting conditions. We use innovative solutions to enhance each person’s participation in everyday life, emphasizing technology, cutting-edge therapy, care coordination and family support.

Our Legacy and Commitment to Families Living with Cerebral Palsy

The Perlman Center has been helping people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities be more independent and productive for over 50 years. We develop close relationships with the people we serve, continually assess their changing needs and improve their lives through evidence-based treatments, new ideas and innovative interventions.

The center is named after Aaron W. Perlman, MD, a world-renowned leader in the field of CP and a beloved orthopedic surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s. Dr. Perlman, who died in 2011, was dedicated to improving the care and quality of life for children with CP. Today, the Perlman Center is a lead partner in the Cincinnati Children’s Cerebral Palsy Program.

If your loved one has cerebral palsy or other physical challenges, we are here to help at every stage of life. We are passionate about providing a holistic approach and supporting individuals with all levels of abilities through our unique, one-stop model of care.

Our expert social work and education team uses a variety of interventions to help individuals meet their fullest potential. Some of our specialty services include:

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Assistive technology (augmentative and alternative communication, computer access)
  • Cerebral visual impairment services (CVI)
  • Complex rehab technology (CRT)
  • Early intervention and early childhood therapy
  • Support for parents and siblings

Why Choose Us

A Holistic Approach to Specialized Care
Young children with CP or other physically limiting conditions often require more than one type of therapy. Our highly trained occupational, physical, developmental and speech therapists and social workers provide a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. We create a customized treatment plan and work closely with physicians and other care professionals at Cincinnati Children’s to meet each child’s needs.

A Comprehensive, Interdisciplinary Model for the Early Years
Unlike conventional outpatient therapy, our occupational, physical and speech therapists work together in one setting with small groups of young children, an approach that encourages social interaction and cognitive development.

Assistive Technology Resources and Solutions
Our expert interdisciplinary teams offer comprehensive evaluations and training in a wide range of assistive technologies for people of all ages. Areas of expertise include augmentative and alternative communication, computer access, positioning aids and home modifications for mobility, among many others.

Care Coordination: Navigating Your Child’s and Family’s Needs
Having a child or loved one with cerebral palsy or another physically limiting condition can be overwhelming. Our social workers have extensive experience in working with families like yours. We will help you understand and navigate the educational, financial, community and healthcare systems available to you and your family so your child receives the support and resources needed to thrive.

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