A visit to the Asthma Center is not the same for everyone. Your first visit will be designed to address the issues you and your child are having with asthma.

During this visit you can meet the team that will be committed to providing personalized asthma care for you or your child. You can also get some answers to the reasons for your child’s asthma problems. We may do special tests to find the specific things that affect your child’s asthma, including:

Our team will work with you to create a personalized asthma action plan that can:

  • Prevent your child from needing to go to the hospital for asthma
  • Keep your child from missing school because of asthma
  • Keeping their asthma symptoms under control

The action plan that we develop will be shared with your pediatrician or family doctor because they are an important part of your child’s asthma care.