The Center for Autoimmune Liver Disease (CALD) includes experts in the fields of hepatology, immunology, radiology, liver surgery, and liver transplantation offering extensive experience in treating all forms and stages of autoimmune liver disease (AILD) in children and adolescents. We can assess and treat your child’s current disease with the state-of-the art advanced medical therapy and investigational protocols.

We begin with an evaluation of your child’s condition. A meeting will be arranged with a liver specialist - a hepatologist - who will determine the type and extent of the liver injury; this may require a liver biopsy to be performed. The team will use the results from these tests to design the best course of treatment for your child.

The CALD continually conducts clinical trials studying various treatment regimens for AILD. Our patients are invited to participate in these trials where appropriate. Patient participation is voluntary.

Conditions Treated