The Center for Autoimmune Liver Disease recognizes the generous contributions from the following donors: 

Individual Donors

  • Robert D.H. and Sydney Anning
  • Robert H. and Dulany Anning
  • John S. and Christine Browner
  • Hugh J. and Clare Cahill
  • Daniel J. and Margaret Good
  • Dett P. Hunter
  • Lawrence T. and Anna Kennedy
  • Peter M. and Brook Kennedy
  • Christina S. Kohnen
  • Patrick A. and Jutta Lafley
  • Geoff and Martha Lord
  • Madeleine W. Ludlow
  • Thomas H. Ludlow
  • Alexander Miethke and Etsuko Adachi
  • Harrison and Elizabeth Mullin
  • Mr. and Mrs. William S. Murphy
  • Nicholas H. and Martha Ragland
  • Andrew and Wendy Ritch


  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Marnick Foundation
  • The Anning Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Sutphin Family Foundation (Wendy and Andy Ritch)
  • Walter and Olivia Kiebach Charitable Foundation Trust