One of the hardest challenges for kids born with congenital heart disease is taking charge of their own care when they reach adulthood. Gurpreet Thind was no different. After Gurpreet moved back to the United States from India, his cardiologist put him on a routine of medication. Gurpreet would take them for a few months and then stop, and he ended up in the emergency room twice.

That’s when the specialists at Cincinnati Children’s Adult Congenital Heart Program stepped in to help. They provided new options for medication to help fit his lifestyle, and even helped him set alarms and called him with reminders. Eventually, Gurpreet got into a routine and decided he wanted to take care of his heart for himself. Now he’s doing well, working alongside his family and creating a growing body of hand-drawn art inspired by his unique life experiences.

“I used to not be able to run, but now I can fly up steps!”