Our outreach program, Adapting for Life, helps young people understand and identify the drivers that can lead to harmful and suicidal behavior and helps students find better ways of coping during difficult times, so they can adapt and lead healthier lives.


The program is an experiential, five-day, instructor-led workshop that includes videos, mindfulness exercises, group activities, and moments for reflection, using technology and workbooks. It also follows a new program model, ADAPT.


  • Aware. Becoming aware of ourselves and others begins by paying attention through noticing, observing, and listening.
  • Describe. Describing our feelings and thoughts as well as behaviors we see in others helps identify the effects of stress on our lives.
  • Assess. Assessing how we or others are managing stress allows us to ask for help or help others, especially if there are warning signs that need to be addressed.
  • Plan. Planning for how we can help ourselves and/or others makes it easier to actually take action when it matters most.
  • Tackle. Tackling stress—from everyday moments to times of crisis—helps us live healthier, more fulfilling lives.